Keeping your Trees and Plants Safe, Happy and Healthy


     We offer professional Landscaping Services, from helping you to design your dream yard to complete installation.

      Don has been designing landscapes in and around Indianapolis for over 50 years. We take into account the existing landscape, elevation and micro-climate, as well as your individual likes and dislikes. We will help you get the yard you've always wanted.

Our services include:

  • spring clean up
  • mulching & shovel edging
  • shrub & tree installation
  • fall clean up

And with our lawn care and plant maintenance programs, we can keep your landscape looking great for years to come.


Indiana Professional Lawn & Landscape Association Member

Fully Insured and Licensed

Our Services

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Tree Services

    We offer a free diagnosis of any tree problems you may have.  Some of the most common tree diseases and insects we treat include anthracnose, aphids, chlorosis, elm leaf beetle, Emerald Ash Borer, fire blight, pine wilt, Needlecast, nematodes, and scale.

  • Trimming and Removal

    We only use professional style pruning as recommended by Arborists.  We do not top trees. Instead, we thin and shape as needed, although In some cases, we will reduce the top. However, topping destroys the quality and long-term health of trees. When we remove trees, we do so with the utmost care to protect the existing landscape.

  • Disease and Insect Control

     During the year, we offer various treatments starting with Dormant spray in early spring. This is designed to kill the overwintering eggs of various insects.

     This is followed by 3 ornamental sprays spread throughout the year to control insects, like scale and mites, and diseases,  such as apple cedar rust. We also offer specialty sprays for specific insects, like Bagworm and Japanese Beetle.

  • Fertilization

    We offer organic, deep-root fertilization twice a year to promote healthy trees and shrubs . Spring fertilization nourishes the top of the tree or shrub, and fall fertilization feeds the roots.   

  Lawn Care

    We offer a 7 step program, which includes granular and liquid fertilizer and weed control.

     The first round in early spring contains pre-emergent, which helps control crab grass and foxtail. Our slow-release fertilizer granules are designed to increasingly develop healthy grass roots and strong, stress-resistant blades.

     Weed control starts with the second round and progressively eradicates broadleaf  and other problem weeds. It is not uncommon for a few new weed seeds to blow in or germinate on bare surfaces and along sidewalks and driveways.

     If you choose the grub-control, this  is applied with the third round.

    The fifth and sixth rounds continue with fertilizer and weed control. The seventh round is a winter fertilizer to strengthen and thicken turf for early spring green-up.

We also offer:

  • Slice Seeding
  • Fungus Control
  • Aerify Organic Aeration
  • Weed Control in Flower Beds
  • Mole Control
  • Perimeter Spray
  • Mosquito Control

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